This is a perfect little thing for you to do if you love public humiliation and live near the water or have access to a pool. Have you ever gone out in the ocean and had the waves pull your shorts right off of you and then whisk them away never to be seen again? Or how about this, have you ever dove into a pool and had the strength of the water take your shorts off? Well, you are not alone.

Public Humiliation Is Fun!

So, where’s the assignment? Well, unless you are at some very pristine beach, once you get into the water, no one can see you. So, what I want you to do is to go into the water and deliberately take your shorts off and let go of them. That’s right, let the water take your shorts so that you have to emerge from the water totally and completely naked. If you are not sure about this, you can modify it by wearing a shirt that you will then use to try to cover your nakedness. But you are really into public humiliation, you should go for the full monty.

Now, if you are not near natural water and must carry out this assignment at a pool, trust me, if your shorts are loose enough, you WILL lose them when you dive into the water. Now, because it’s a smaller and clearer environment than the beach, you will have to pretend that you wear glasses and you can’t see your shorts. This way, some nice ladies may help you find your shorts, and that will…


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