Motel Mortification with Empress VioletMotel Mortification

Before your motel mortification can begin you need to do a few things. First I send you out shopping for the night. You have a specific list of items you must buy before the night of your humiliation session. For instance, it might be a huge jar of Vaseline, a Hitachi Magic Wand, a bright pink feather duster, and a hot burrito. You are instructed to have all of those items visible either in your hands, or poking out of a bag when you check in.

Say Hi To The Clerk

So there you are standing at the motel counter. Your mega size jar of Vaseline on the counter, your vibrator and feather duster peeking out of your tote bag on the counter, and your steaming hot burrito smelling up the lobby. The woman at the desk is giving you the eye and trying to piece those pieces together into a kinky scenario she can wrap her mind around.

You tell her that your Mistress will be calling around x time. Please put her through to my room. Of course you did not need to tell her that, but you are glutton for humiliation. So of course you told her!

Motels Are Almost Public

When you get to your room, you lay out all of the toys I had you bring, open the curtains about 4 inches and change into the red, lace body stocking you have from our last session. You also brought some other items we have used before: a squeaky toy, a stroking sleeve, vibrating nipple clamps, and a paddle.

I call you and it’s time for the games to begin! I work you over! Yelling embarrassing things in your room, performing like the slut we both know you are, revving the vibrator up and down, humping things including the squeaky toy. And the grand finale…fucking that warm burrito into a handful of squishy beans and tortilla.

Just a night in the life of a humiliation slut. Are you up for it?

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