I find it very amusing how so many of my callers enjoy to be publically humiliated and one of the ways I truly enjoy doing this is by sending them to run errands. They do not get off easy when I am sending them to complete a task. In fact I like to be on the phone in their ear furthering their humiliation with my comments.

Ready to be publically humiliated?

Imagine if you will a big strong man walking into a woman’s lingerie shop. Sure he could easily tell the sales clerk he is shopping for his lady but inside he knows he is shopping for himself. I am in his ear asking him what he sees making him describe all the sexy fabrics and styles in the stor  Not just once but making him repeat things to me louder so others will hear him. I give him things to say like “Yes Mistress I did buy pink panties for work last week” and then tell me all about the stares and giggles he is getting from everyone in the store. It never fails to get my humiliation sluts into a frenzy when I laugh and tell him “you see all those ladies know you’re my bitch now and that you’re shopping for YOURSELF not another lady!”

To the adult book shop!

Toy shopping is another great way to humiliate a man in public, I love to have a subbie go to an adult shop and give him specific things to shop for such as butt plugs and anal training kits, he has to pick up every single one reading out loud the name of them and describing it to me on the phone  and if he is approached and asked if he needs help he has to expose himself by saying “I am an anal virgin but looking to begin  some training. Which would you recommend for a beginner?” Now I would never involve unwilling or unknowing people into my phone fantasy but in this type of situation they are asking if you need help and they are all too willing to show you the things they would recommend you try. Once that butt plug is picked out and taken to the counter for purchase I then give them instructions to ask about the best lube choice for the toy they chose, why do I do this? Because I want that sales clerk to know you will be filling your horny ass and actually using the toy you’re buying and because it makes you stiff having to expose yourself in public as a slut!

Admit you need it

So when you’re ready to be humiliated in a subtle yet very public way you can give me a call and let me guide you through a public humiliation phone sex  session that will leave you excited and nervous and ohh so turned on!

Constance ~

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