Coached Cocksucking Humiliation with Ms Lauren

Kinkblogger https://www.kinkblogger.comIt’s come to my attention some of you maggot-faggots want to suck a juicy schlong, but have no clue how to suck properly. Oh… and why would you? It’s not like you have much experience with having your dick sucked. You come to me wanting to be a blow-job Betty, yet you haven’t the skills to please anyone… at least not yet. Don’t worry, I’ll have you knob polishing like a pro once you’ve experienced my cocksucker training! All you need tonight is a hefty dildo, preferably natural, a mold of a REAL man… black, white, doesn’t matter to me as long as it’s a) bigger than your teeny peen! b) thicker than your wrinkled peanut! c) right there in front of you just dying to be licked and sucked by a cock gobbling whore like you!

Suppressing Your Gag Reflex

The key to being a renowned cocksucker is the ability to take a skull fucking. For that to happen you need to learn to suppress your gag reflex. Practice with your toothbrush for a while, sliding the flat part back to the back of your tongue. You gagged, didn’t you? Practice sliding it back there until you don’t gag at all at the intrusion. Once you’ve mastered this little trick, it’s time to start practicing on your dildo. But don’t just shove it down your throat… no, I want you on your back with your head hanging off the edge so your throat opens wide. The trick is relaxing your throat and opening your mouth wide. Remember to breathe… Now take your dildo and slowly practice a bit of face fucking making sure the plastic balls are up against your face in a tea bagging position, right over the bridge of your nose and resting on your eyes. When you can slurp down every inch without choking, it’s time for step two. What a good little cock sucker you are, faggot!

Pleasuring His Penis

Now that you’ve mastered the art of deepthroating, it’s time to polish your technique. Sit the dildo in a chair in front of you and get on your knees before it… now stick out your tongue to a point and tease the tip a bit. Open your lips over the head, lick your lips and the cock head and give it a nice little kiss. Remember to cover your teeth with your lips as you take it slowly down. Wrap your hand around the base and jerk it up in unison with your mouth so he’s completely stimulated. Make sure you slobber all over it and make lots of noise. Men love the sucking, slurping noises… it lets them know you appreciate how masculine and filling their cocks are! Keep practicing until you can keep up a steady rhythm for at least ten minutes. Spend a little time licking slowly, then sucking at a medium pace, then bobbing hard on it. Vary your rhythm every few minutes to keep him guessing. That’s one trait all good cocksuckers share, they know how to wring ever drop of cum drenched pleasure from his balls!

Don’t Neglect the Balls!

It’s not just your mouth that will make you the best cocksucker ever, it’s also your skills at handling his package. Make sure you lick his balls. It’s a great way to rest your jaw for a few before you blow him harder. Just stroke the shaft and nuzzle it with the side of your face while you’re licking his sack. Pull them down gently away from the shaft to prolong his erection. Remember, the longer you keep him hanging on the edge, the more you tease and stimulate his penis, the bigger the load you’ll receive in return! We both know a little faggot like you needs some help in the coached cumeating department. I’ve got just the thing to help you out there, sport!

The Money Shot

Eventually, you’ll pleasure him so well, he’ll expect you to swallow his load. I don’t want this to be an unexpected taste, so tonight after you’ve dick sucked the dildo for an hour, I have some special instructions for you. Click the audio to see just what your Coached Cocksucking mistress Ms Lauren has in mind for you!

~ Ms Lauren ~

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