Hello My Pathetic Humiliation Addict!

I hope you are ready for some fun today– because we are going on a field trip. Yes! That’s right! teehee Just the two of us. Now slip your collar on and let’s head out the door.

Today is such a lovely day, I thought would be PERFECT for a walk in the woods, don’t you think? (not that it matters what you think LOL) I know of a great trail where many people like to hike.

I know you are curious about what I’m up to but you just need to enjoy the sunshine right now. Of course, after a while this bores me and I want to have some fun with you.

First I make you tell the couple passing us that you have a tiny dick. They look startled and walk away quickly and I can see your cheeks turning red.

Are you embarrassed that you have to tell people that you have a tiny dick? Do you feel a bit publicly humiliated? I’m sure you do. Doesn’t matter though, I know that tiny dick of yours just got a little hard.

And you do realize that this is only the beginning.

As we walk along, I make you inform person after person of your tiny cock. I even make you ask a guy if you can suck his… He only laughs and walks away. He must also know how pathetic you are.

We get to a very nice clearing and I can see you are wondering what is going to come next. I am the mistress of sexual humiliation you know. But I have never made you do anything outside before. Well, there’s a first time for everything.

I make you shut your eyes and you comply. You can feel me stripping you down and embarrassment flushes your cheeks. It was bad enough that I made you tell people that you had a tiny dick. Now you are going to have to show them!

Once you are naked, you hear me rustling around and soon I’m placing some rope around your hands. You start to realize that I’m tying you to the tree. You open your eyes and see people walking by and staring. This type of naked humiliation is so embarrassing but your tiny cock can’t help but get hard. You look to me pleadingly but I just shake my head.

I tell you I’m going for a walk and the implications of my words sink in. I’m leaving you here naked and tied to a tree for the entire world to see.

Who knows when I will be back?

~*~Empress Ivy~*~
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