naughty naked humiliation from Sirena

Hello Pathetic Loser Boys!

Mistress Sirena here. I have to confess something you already know. (Size DOES matter).  Yes, I know you are looking down forlornly at that tiny dick of yours, wanting more. But it ain’t gonna happen!  Now that you are stuck with that very tiny penis, what you are going to do with it?  It’s been clearly established you can’t fuck me.  You need to make me happy somehow.  Mmmmmm let me ponder on how you can accomplish that. I’m thinking something with naked humiliation will do.

Of Course Naked Humiliation Means Stripping!

I am most happy when I’m teasing or torturing you in some way.  I know, I’m evil right?  I just can’t help submitting you to some naughty naked humiliation like CFNM or bending you over for some strapon humiliation sex.  There are so many choices!  I would love to stand you in a room filled with woman.  You of course are naked and embarrassed.  I won’t let you cover up that tiny cock of yours with your hands so you just have to stand there showing it off.  Of course all the woman laugh and smirk at the sight of you.  They come up and examine that tiny cock, even giving it a slap or two…or three LOL!  They start being a little rough with you and when you see me out of the corner of your eye, you breathe a sigh of relief.

Relaxed Too Soon

If you thought your humiliation was over just because I had arrived to watch, you’re doomed to disappointment! In fact, it’s only just beginning. Imagine how much more humiliating and degrading things could become now that I’m here to add my input. Oh, you poor loser, you’re about to learn the meaning of exposed and humiliated CFNM.

Your Naked Humiliation Empress, Sirena