I see you peeking in my window, panty boy. In fact, I’m the one who keeps leaving it open when I leave so you can sneak in and steal my dirty panties. I want you to feel confident so you’ll stick around a while. Why? So I can lull you into a false sense of security, that’s why! There are hidden cameras all over the place and believe me, I’ve been studying your dirty little habits. How better to use them against you once I catch you in the act? You’re in for a whole world of panty boy humiliation!

Busted Panty Slut

You’ll deny it when I bust you red handed. You’ll stammer and squirm and struggle to cover yourself to no avail. I know your secrets, stroker boy. I know you’re a little hamper humper. And my friends? Oh they’re here, too. Oh, you didn’t know it was going to be a public humiliation party? I would have thought this was the best case scenario for a sneaky little panty thief. Relax and enjoy yourself, this is the most female attention you’ll EVER get. Isn’t this what you wanted all along? For beautiful women to look at you and see what you really are?

Panty Boy Humiliation

Oh, your poor little dick is throbbing while we take turns cockteasing you. Aww, I almost feel sorry for you when you drop to your knees begging me for release. But honestly, what did you expect when dealing with a notorious cocktease like me? Did you honestly think you’d get anything from me but a major case of blueball? Oh, the light in your eyes… you still have hope, panty humping masturbator? Tell you what, play with your pathetic little dick in my panties some more, let’s see if we can make you cry!

You Want Mercy?

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Mistress Lauren

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