For this assignment I want you to find some alone time. A little slice ofhumiliation with Holly
time where nobody else will be coming home. It’s just you and me. Lock the
doors, lol.

Now, strip completely for me. That’s right. All the way down to your
birthday suit. I want to see every inch of you.

Then, walk out to the kitchen and open the fridge. Hmm, should be a little
cold. Hopefully not too cold *giggle*

What do you see in there? Maybe some yogurt? Applesauce? Mayo? Grab one
item that spreads easily and take it with you to the bathroom.

Now. start with a dollop on your chest and spread it around. That’s a good
boy. Feel the coolness spread over your body. Work down your stomach, but
avoid your crotch. Now do you thighs. From the knees up.

Next, close your eyes and start lathering up your cock. Hmmm, doesn’t that
feel weird and good all at once? What a super naughty sensation. Keep
stroking baby. Work that cock for me. Get all the way to the edge..

Stroking instructions from Holly