You know and I know that is a one tinsy tiny cock! Well, now I want
you to be reminded of it everywhere you go. That’s right, I mean

How are we going to do this? Put constant reminders around? Exactly.
First we must make something that will remind you of your worthless,
tiny peepee.

I want you to take a post it and cut it in half. That’s about the size of
your cock, right? Oh, need to trim it a bit more you say? LOL, okay! Cut
the tiny scraps of paper just the right size. You can do a soft and a hard
one. They will both fit right there on a post it. Then I want you to write
“size of my worthless dick” on the post it scraps. Well, if you can write
small enough!

Make lots of the scraps. Lots and lots. And put them EVERYWHERE. In your
coffee canister, in your desk drawer, on your dresser, affixed to your
bathroom mirror, in your car console.

Put it in the back of the fridge, or the top of the bookshelf. Put it in
places you will see every single day and those you will forget about.
That way you will always be reminded of your pathetic cock. It will
constantly be at the front of your mind.

And just when you think you can handle it, that it isn’t too bad, pick up
the phone and I will gladly remind you how totally and completely pathetic
you are!

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