Breakfast Humiliation

What do you usually eat for breakfast?  Tsk tsk   Now that doesn’t sound all that healthy.  Mistress is going to work on your …. Hmmmmm…..EATING habits.  And you know you will do what Mistress wants you to do.  Isn’t that correct?  Yes?  Good.

It’s All About Protien

So, this assignment is to make sure that you get an Eggs-stra special treat for a hearty breakfast.  Giggle.  This is a multi day assignment; so get ready to WORK for it.

Each morning, first thing in the morning I want you to chant …. “I’m a growing boy who needs a good breakfast and that means I need to get my protein.”  That’s the chant.  And, I want you to say that over and over while you jerk your dick.

Milk Your Cock

So, you can use lube or no lube…..lotion or no lotion …. You’ve got the option of using any kind of stroke you want … and, of course, unlimited orgasms.  Cum and cum and cum.  Shoot each load into a small Tupperware container and store it in the refrigerator.  If you have to EXPLAIN this to anyone else who might happen to go into your fridge, that’s even better, LOL!

Save up load after load for about a week, or more!  Remember, protein is a VERY IMPORTANT part of the food pyramid and you’re going to be getting YOUR protein.

Eat Your Cum!

For the actual DAY of preparation you’ll need a non-stick skillet, Pam or other cooking spray and a lovely plate.  When you have all that assembled …. Click here to  hear the rest of the instructions.

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