So there you are again, slutty slut… thinking those nasty thoughts that
make you want to jerk on that teensie little bone of yours. You can’t help
it, you say… you’re assaulted with naughty dreams, filthy fantasies and
when you can’t take it anymore you just HAVE to slink off to stroke it, now
don’t you? Aww… and you thought I’d have sympathy for your predicament?
Now that’s truly funny. Have you ever known ME to have any sympathy at all
for the likes of you? I think not.

I do, however, want to have a little fun with your extreme sexual arousal.
So I’ll let you stroke for me, just a little… IF you promise you’ll ruin
your orgasm for me. I’ll tell you right now, you won’t be experiencing the
profound pleasure of shooting your load. If you’re lucky, you’ll get only
several measly drops out before I make you stop. Take it in your hand. I
know, it’s too small to wrap your entire hand around, but that’s part of the
fun… reminding you just how much you’ll never, ever measure up.

I want you to stroke your cock, hard, harder… all the way up to the very
edge of orgasm. I don’t care how you do it, only that you do. When you feel
that first tension wracking you, let it go and put your hands behind your
neck and watch your dicklet dance! It’s bouncing around, looking for more
friction… but you’ll leave your hands behind your neck until it goes limp.
Then and only then will you begin your frantic masturbation again.

Do this over and over until you feel you can’t take anymore… then stroke a
few more strokes until a single spurt of semen erupts from your cocklet. Now
let go as before, with your hands behind your neck and watch it bounce. That
one long rope is all you’ve got, now your balls are aching from the
torment I’ve subjected you to. When the arousal dies, click the erotic
audio link
to hear me laugh at your poor ruined orgasm.

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