I am sure all of My strokers sluts are very aware of how privileged you are to have a hot girl like me spend anytime with you, let alone the time when you are wacking off. However, yet I do. Why? Because it amuses me to hear how sad some of you dirty little perverts are. Most of you fags can’t get laid by a girl and are forever destined to a life of jerking off to porn and me, your Goddess. I know you dream of the day when you are the one giving that porn whore a big facial, covering her face with your white creamy cum. Well today is your lucky day, I’m going to make it happen. You are finally going to be able to drop cum all over a dirty slut’s face. And guess what? That dirty little slut is you!

First, you need to get into position for your self bukake. Lie on the floor and use a couch, bed or wall and position yourself so that your legs are in the air and your hips are as high as possible. You want to be able to get a good look at that pathetic appendage of yours. The higher the hips and the straighter you can get your back the easier it is to cum onto your own face.

Now stroke your dick. Think about how truly pathetic you have become to actually give yourself a facial. Not only are you a jerk off addict, but you are also a jerk off addict who wants to paste his own face. Think about how each stroke makes me giggle and how this is the only way a wimp like you can please Me.

Such a turn on isn’t it, staring right into your one eyed willy while happily stroking away, keep staring at it and click the button cum slut….

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