So you like public humiliation, do you?  Would you like to play a game with me and my other Mistresses?  We call it Drugstore Humiliation, and it makes me so wet just thinking about how red your face will be when you play my game.

Your task is to go to your local drugstore.  You’ll buy 4 different items which just don’t go together at all but, in the imagination of some perverted 25-year-old sexy cashier, will set off all kinds of bells and whistles.  She’ll be thinking “Just WHAT kind of things is he going to do with all of those things???”  And you’ll know exactly why you’re doing it.  Just for Empress Delia.

You’ll be picking out 4 items to raise suspicion, such as:
•    Peanut Butter
•    Tampons
•    A large packet of clothesline rope
•    Red “fuck-me” lipstick

If you think that will get you a second look, imagine what they’ll think when you go in a few days later and pick up:
•    Queen sized nylons – what, do you seriously think you will fit into any other size?
•    The largest pack of condoms you can find
•    A twin pack of Fleet enemas
•    A package of multi-color Sharpies

Wait though, we’re not done.  In a few more days, you’re going to go for your final shopping trip and get:
•    The biggest bottle of lube you can find
•    2 bags of cotton balls
•    A large glue stick
•    A personal massager – Yes! They do sell them at drugstores now. They are “therapeutic!”

Just think how you’ll be squirming as you bring those up to the cashier – especially if it’s the same cashier who’s waited on you all three times.

~ Ms. Delia ~

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