It’s time for you to play a humiliating game with your Mistress. Why? Because you’ve been bad and you need to learn yor lesson in a public venue, bitch.

Humiliating Game of Fetch

You’ve been very naughty lately haven’t you? With it being spring boys like you seem to think it’s ok to forget all your training and just stroke your cocks at will. You are already in trouble because of your teenie tiny little cock. That is something that will never change. You will be doomed with a small cock for the rest of your life. In fact, its not even big enough to be called a cock…it would be better referred to as a clitty; an itty bitty clitty. Lol

Crawl On Your Knees Slave

That however, is beside the point. I want to play a game with you today my little slave. We will take a walk down to the park and of course you will be beside me on your hands and knees, walking along collared and on a leash…just like the little bitch you are. LOL.

To further your humiliation I may invite a couple of my sorority sisters.  Lol and we’ll roll up a newspaper and spank your ass all the way there. Lol- taunting you, laughing at you, making you bark and call yourself several different humiliating names again and again.

Fetch the Dildo

When we get to the park we are going to play fetch. Sounds like a great game doesn’t it? Seems so innocent compared to other things I have had you do. But you little dipshit, you should know me better than that. I am not playing fetch with some stick that I found on the ground. Nor are we playing fetch with a ball from the house. You will be made to proudly carry the item we will be playing fetch with. Still don’t have any clue? Lol…we are going to play a nice humiliating game of fetch the dildo!

Bright Pink Dildo Humiliation Game

My nice 9.5 inch bright pink dildo will be tossed as far as myself or any of my girlfriends can toss it and you will run on your hands and knees, barking, repeating names that we have told you to say…you will fetch the dildo and bring it back…making sure you’ve licked it nice and clean.

Of course when we tire of playing fetch the dildo, we may use it to show you how humiliatingly pathetic you truly are…do I need to spell it out for you?

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