Hi stroker boy wanna play with Me?  *hee hee* Of course you do.  Who wouldn’t want to play with Miss Casey.  Especially when what I say goes, right?  I will warn you it may be a little humiliating and perhaps a wee bit painful.  Who am I kidding, I know I have already taken over your weak mind, you won’t even notice.  You will only feel the extreme pleasure of your throbbing hard cock under MY control.

Now get naked and on your knees so I can play with you.  You will need to gather some items first. Two shoelaces, lube, a candle, eight clothes pins, icy hot and 1 die.

Light the candle and get your cock nice and hard. Use your lube, stroke to the edge then stop.  Take your hands away.  Oh  my if you’re struggling already you are really in for some torture. You must be wondering about all these toys. Don’t worry it will be fun.  I would never do anything to harm you sweetie *evil giggle*

Now take one shoelace and find the half way point placing it behind your balls. Tie it around both your cock and balls. Cross the ends over on top of your cock at it’s base then again underneath. Now loop the lace around your balls and tie it tight.  Now that your cock is nice and snug, show Me how big and hard you can get it.

Stroke FAST and HARD.  Get to the edge, STOP roll your dice

So what did you roll little boy?  NO cheating.  If you got…

1. Use your hand to give 20 smacks to your balls, alternate ball for each smack, and by the time your finished I want them to be hard.  I want to see you wincing in pain.

2. Lucky little slut, give me 100 hard and fast strokes no CUMMIES. If you have to stop place 2 clothespins on the base of your cock until you complete your strokes, then flick them off only.

3. Ball torture for you My pet, lay those eggs out on a flat surface, smack them five times each, then press down on them with your palm as hard as you can for 20 seconds. Repeat this 3 times.

4. Edge for me stroke slut, except you will use icy hot for lube.

5. Smack your cock and each of your balls 10 times.

6. Any drops of wax on the candle, My pain pet? Drop three drops onto each tied up testicle, then edge for me, three times.

Oh you are not done you have a total of 5 rolls to get through to then click the audio for further instructions My silly pain slut.

For a humiliation phone sex session with Empress Casey, call 800-601-6975
Must be 18+
Calls are $ per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card