Do you know what happens to silly boys that think they can walk around and
do whatever they want?

Do you want to find out?

I didn’t much appreciate the way you spoke to that waitress the other day.
It’s not her fault you are pathetic, so why yell at her?

Truth is you wish you were as perfect as her. You should NEVER treat any
woman with disrespect…and now you must pay the price.

My sorority sisters and I are having a get together this weekend and you
will be the entertainment.

You will be in a pink frilly Lolita style dress, with puffy sleeves. You
will have on the white ruffled socks and little girl shoes with the buckle.
Hell when I’m done with you, you will look like one pathetic Miss Muffet.

I’ll paint your nails and do your make up.

Then you will accompany me to this party. I’m sure all of my girlfriends will
get quite the kick out of you as you dance around on your tip toes singing
‘I’m a pretty faerie’ and ‘I’m a little teapot’.

We will point and laugh; I will have the amusement I’ve been looking for.

When we are done taunting you about wearing your pink frilly outfit…I will
bend you over a chair exposing your hairy gorilla ass and we will take turns
spanking you, one after another.

I’m sure the other girls are curious as to wear your cock is. So you will
stand there, humiliated by us lifting your dress exposing your panties and
looking for your pathetic excuse for a cock.

When we find it (if we find it, this bush is like the Amazon forest, thick
and tough to get through), I’m sure it will look like nothing more than a
pimple that we just want to pop.

Look how red your face gets. You deserve this you know. This is the pink
frilly hell that you created…so bend over and take it!


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