One of the things I hear repeatedly from all of you is how wonderful you feel when you are in your “gurl” self. Over and over, sissies come to me gushing over with girlie-glee about wearing their panties under their business suits or slipping a fat dildo into their love holes. Well, darlings … now comes the time to take that pleasure just one step further and skip your way closer to the door of the closet.

In order to prepare for this, you’ll need to get dressed in a pair of jeans and a sweater (or if you live in warmer climes, a t-shirt will do). Beneath your jeans, I expect to find a pair of tighty-whiteys or boxer briefs … nothing silky or feminine for you just yet. Once you are dressed appropriately, I want you to drive to the local discount store, such as Walmart and park about half-way away from the door. The idea is to have to walk past a variety of vehicles upon your return to the safety of your car.

Go into the store … you don’t necessarily have to linger over anything in particular but I expect you to visit the lingerie section and select a matched set of lingerie (bra and panties). These should be in your size and you earn extra points if they are overtly feminine, such as satin panels with lace trim or a fierce animal print with lace. I don’t expect that you will ask for assistance, but I don’t want you to hide what you are doing either.

Once you’ve selected your lingerie, it’s off to the hardware section! I want you to pick up a bulk package of D cell batteries. At the very least, I want there to be 6 batteries in the pack. And once you’ve laid your hands on those batteries, you have one last stop to make before you check out … The literature section.

One thing every woman enjoys is a good book … something smutty and filled with romance with a powerful Alpha Male and a strong, yet delicate woman who come together despite the adversity before them in order to live out their fantasy. That’s right, darlings … I want you to select a romance novel.

Harlequin is best but any romance novel that has a hot guy on the front will do (extra points for those of you brave enough to purchase a historical romance or, my personal favorite, paranormal romance). Once you’ve gathered your treasures, I want you to find the longest line in the store and stand in it, waiting your turn.

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