You’ve begged and begged for me to fuck you, and I’ve told you repeatedly you aren’t worth my time. But since you seem so insistent, I’ll tell you what: Drop your pants, show me what you’ve got, and we’ll figure out if we can’t put you to some good use.

Wait a second…where is it? THAT? That’s just a little red button! You can’t possibly fuck a woman with that thing! And I’m not interested in letting you dry hump me…

We need to put that thing away. Get it out of my sight! No, no…don’t pull up your boxers. Boxers are for men who can fill them up. Here, put on a pair of my panties. I think they suit that clitty you’ve got much better.

In fact, I don’t want to see you in anything but panties from now on, you little bitch. If you want to hang with me, it will be as my little bitch, or nothing at all. And no bitch should go without a collar and leash. Come with me, bitch-boy. We’re taking you panty shopping. Get on your hands and knees and I’ll walk you there. And after we’ve gotten you properly outfitted, it’s off to the tattoo parlor. I’m going to get “This is my clitty” tattooed over your tiny little nub, so you’ll never mistake yourself for a real man again.

Well, bitch-boy, it looks like you’re good for something after all: A good laugh. I can’t wait to teach you some tricks so I can sell tickets to that sideshow you’ve got going on between your legs!

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