Let’s face it – I don’t care who you are.

You attempting to impress me time and time again with your wealth is beyond 
pathetic. With your “worldliness”, and your big oh-so-important job. I get 
random messages from you which only seem to serve the purpose of you showing 

Yawn. Sigh. Delete.

You see, I don’t give a shit. I am not some young, dumb girl who can be 
easily impressed. I am not the type of woman who needs you, so get that out 
of your head right now. Men buy me things because I deserve all of the 
finer things in life. Either you know your place, or I throw you out like 
yesterday’s newspaper.

So why don’t you just cut it out? I see right through you, and your shabby 
attempts to control me and the way you submit. What was it you said last 
night – that your submission was a gift? I had a good laugh over that one. 
It is your birthright, slave. And this is my game, not yours. It has been 
my game from the beginning. But since you have been too clueless to notice, 
I shall explain it to you. You severely underestimated my intelligence – 
and you will suffer for it.

How? You will long for me while my laughter rings in your ears. You will 
realize, slowly and surely, that what you though made you a man means 
nothing to me. And the whole thing has been nothing but you lying to 
When I tell you what I really think of you, deep down you will know it is 
right. The words, not shouted but whispered, will humble you. You long to 
assert yourself, but how does an inferior male who based his self worth on 
worldly illusions do that?

Your being, your mind, your cock responds to me in ways you thought 

Welcome to the truth, it hurts doesn’t it?

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