Here you are, as always you say you are here because you want to please me, but we both know that isn’t possible. Seriously, it seems to me you must crave the humiliation that comes with my lack of acceptance of you. Have it your way, but be warned my girlfriends will be here soon, so you might be in for a lot more than you bargained for today.

Do you know what a guy with a dick too small to satisfy a real woman is? He’s a pathetic loser…he’s you, lol….But, why a loser you ask? Well, let’s see, you force yourself on beautiful women who you know you have no chance in hell with for starters. And you make a huge fool of yourself when you strut around proudly displaying your lack of a real cock.

Guys like you proudly exhibit that tiny little cocktail weenie and expect a positive response, lol. You know my girlfriends and I are used to big, fat, rock hard cocks, at least where our pleasure is concerned. Yet you still insist on forcing yourself on us. Do you honestly think you have any chance of putting that tiny pee-pee inside of one of us? lol….seriously?

The only thing we want where you are concerned is to mock you. My friends and I do enjoy amusing ourselves with you and your size. I imagine you will never bring me any pleasure other than great laughter. But then you love hearing me laugh at you, don’t you?…

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