My goodness, you really went all out for this meeting tonight, didn’t you? :giggle:  Is that a new suit and tie? I’m guessing that you think that is some sort of ‘Power Suit’, right? Well, let me tell you, while clothing is important, they really do not make the man.  What makes the man is his cock… now if you really want to impress me, take it out and show me what you’ve got.

What’s the matter? Are you a little nervous? Yes I understand that requesting to see your cock is a bit unorthodox… but hey, I never said that I was the type of woman who likes to play it safe. I live on the edge, and if you want my company’s business, then you had better learn to live a little on the edge yourself.  Of course, I can see that you are getting a bit aroused at my demands… there is a slight tent forming in the crotch of your pants.  But, then, that’s the problem… it’s only a ‘slight’ tent! :giggle:

Drop those drawers, don’t make me tell you again!  That’s better.. now take down the underwear too.  Oh my god… are you kidding me? Is that for real? Surely you can’t be completely hard….   hmmm… if that is all you have to offer me, I may have to reconsider this deal… give me a moment to think it over and then click the link below to find out what I’ve decided…

Humiliation sessions with Princess Heather 800-601-6975