Hey there, little man. I know you’ve been aching for a new humiliation assignment… something that leaves you feeling aroused, ashamed and craving more. So tonight, the only prop you’ll need is a red Sharpie. I want you write humiliating things all over your body for me. I want you to write my name above your penis. Make circles around your nipples and top off each one with a little dot right in the center. On your belly write slut… on your thighs write whore. Look in the mirror while you do it and watch your dicklet rise to attention. You have visual reminders now of your ownership, of your complete subjugation to me.

Keep watching yourself in the mirror while you stroke yourself slowly. Keep your fingers moving gently on my cock, but don’t go full blown stroker slut on me… no, this is about a humiliating tease that leaves you weak in the knees. Read the words aloud… starting with the ones above your cock. It should read… Ms. Lauren’s whore slut… say them over and over, loudly while you stroke. As you get louder and your words get faster, keep your hand in tempo… stroke faster and harder as you scream my name and admit what you are… My whore, My slut. Do you think you deserve to cum… or should I cut you off before the final event? Click the link below to see.

Humiliation sessions with Empress Lauren 800-601-6975