It’s time for coerced feminization, and I dont care if you like it or not. What I like is to be amused, what I like is to be in control of you, forcing you to do whatever I please. The flavor of the post is sissification and coerced femme.

Your Coerced Feminization Assignments

Day one: Go to a Rite-aid or whatever you have in your area. Buy pink shaving cream, pink razors, pink floral disposable douche, pink lipstick, and pink nail polish. Buy some bubble bath with a pink shower cap. Begin with the bath. Shave all of your hair off the body with your pink gel and pink razor. Be sure to put body lotion on after. Jack off without cumming repeating I am a sissy over and over again.

Lingerie for Feminized Sluts

Day two: Shopping at a lingerie store in a mall . Have the associate help you with your size. You will buy panties for every day of the week. On the way home stop at a sex shop and buy a dildo to suck, and a butt plug to insert in your ass as you do it. A small one will do but I expect graduation. Jack off without cumming repeating I am a sissy for Mistress Cassandra.

Get Pretty With Makeup

Day three: Shopping again. This time for cosmetics. Find a MAC store and get a makeover and buy the cosmetics. Have the artist show you how. MAC is t/g friendly so there will be no humiliation except for your own humiliation. Come home and jack off repeating this time I am a sissy and Ms Cassandra owns and operates me.

Put It All Together, Sissy

Day four: Set your web cam up and call me with full makeup on and a pair of panties. Have the dildo ready to suck and have the but plug inserted in your ass. NO wig! It has to be obvious you are a man dressing. No passable! I will then decide if you are worthy to cum.

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