I know exactly what you have been doing in the bathroom at work. You thought I didn’t know. Maybe you figured if I knew, I might fire you. Did you wonder if you boss caught a glimpse of those silk pink panties that I would humiliate you? Well the truth is I not caught a glimpse, I have been considering just how to approach you about it. The more I thought about it, the more I got excited. I began to think of all the ways I could hold it over you. I wondered how far I could push. Which boundaries you would easily surrender and which I would take by force.

Late one Friday evening, I called you into my office. “Panty boy I am going to be recommending to the board which person from this office be terminated.” I said with an odd grin on my face. You stuttered muttering something barely recognizable. I laughed at you as I told you that I knew all to well about your silky secret.

“You wouldn’t want anyone else to find out, now would you?” I asked. You quickly stammered in response,”No. Of course not. Tell me what I can do to convince you to keep this secret.”

I instructed you to strip down to the silky necessities. I made you model them for me. You  complied, turning this way and that, your cheeks burning. It was unlike any punishment you had ever received. You should have been near tears and begging me not to have you strip. You whole body was shaking in response to my next set of tasks. I detailed what I wanted you to do, being very specific. You found yourself smiling in anticipation of the rules of the game.

“You are to rub your little thing until I command you to cum. I have prepared a little video for you to watch. I want you to imagine yourself there watching as you are now. Rub your little thing as much or as fast as you like. There are just two rules. The first rule is that you can’t use you hands. I bought a special of surprises along with me. You can use anything from the box. You can also use your wrists or forearm to rub. The second rule is that you will not command until my command.” I asked if you understood the rules. You nodded eagerly attempting to start rubbing.

I stood back and stepped away. You didn’t know it but I was stepping out of the camera frame. I had a camera positioned just on you. it clearly showed you face and even your pathetic cock in those panties. I pressed play on the video and you began to watch a scene of a panty boy sucking off a big monster cock. Your little thing got so stiff by watching the video. It didn’t take long before that little thing was swollen.

Listen to what happened next.

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