Tis the season, right little jingle balls? So keeping the holidays in mind, I’ve decided you should make me a Dick-Mas Tree. Oh, don’t worry, I’ll let you get it really hard first with a little stroking… maybe an edge or two? After all, it’s got to “snow”, right? Well, maybe… if I think you’ve been naughty… play it nice on this one and you’re sure to get coal in your stocking (and by coal I mean a little black buttplug… and by stocking, I mean your tight wittle man pussy, lol!). Grab yourself some tinsel, maybe a small string of lights and I’m sure you can find yourself a peen topper… get creative. Now get a Sharpie and write Merry Christmas all over your inner thighs… and keep in mind, I’d love to see a pic of your Dic-orations, lol. Or if you’re a silly little sissy, why don’t you dress it like your favorite reindeer… I just know you’re going to pick Prancer!

Now that you’ve got your little elf hopping to load the sleigh, stroke him hard and make your peen topper bob. Look into the mirror and laugh loudly Ho! Ho! Ho!… because that’s what you are, my ho-ho-ho! Keep rubbing Santa’s Little Helper right to the edge… each time you get there, pump that little plug right up your chimney for a few strokes until your sausage balls calm down… then pump again to the edge. When you’ve indulged in five cycles of your holiday humiliation, click the link below to see if Mistress thinks you’ve got enough cheer to let those roasting chestnuts explode!

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