Hey there humiliation slut.  You know the only way that I will pay any attention to you, is if you do humiliating tasks for Me.  I love on girls night out to share them with My girlfriends, so that they get a good laugh.  They find it hard to believe that anyone can be so pathetic that they would really do assignments like these, and get excited about it!

So here is your task slut!  I want you to go to an adult bookstore, or an adult novelty store.  Where ever they sell toys.  I want you to go to one that has rooms in the back.  Once you get there, I want you to find where they sell pocket pussies.  You are to pick out a couple and go to the check out.  I want you to ask them if you can look at them, touch them, and ask them if they know if they will work if you have a little penis.  I don’t give a flying fuck if you have a small penis, ask anyway!  After you do all the above, pay for it, and tell them that your going to try it out in the back room!

Take your new toy to the back room, take it out of the box, and lick it.  Lick it like you were going down on real pussy.  Yeah I know you’ve probably haven’t had real pussy, but do it anyway.  After you have licked if for awhile, I want you to stick your worthless little fuck tool in it and fuck away, fuck it like you’re a real man.  I know this will be difficult for you but try.  After you have cum in the pussy, put it back in the box and go to the counter and tell them it was hard to keep it in the pocket pussy but you think it will work!  Let Mistress know how it went for you!

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