The single most thing I enjoy, is making you aware of how much of a pathetic jerker boy you really are. Oh yea, you like to act all macho around your friends and make like you don’t need to jerk off and you have women fighting over each other to get with you. Sure, you tell them lies about all of the women you get but in reality, late at night, you’re on the phone dialing me  I mean you really wouldn’t want your secret of being a two-minute man getting out to your friends or any romantic interests so you have to call me to get off. The fact is, you get so excited and intimidated around beautiful women that you practically cum in your pants whenever you are near one. So the prospect of actually having sex and being near a vagina is like sensory overload for your weak cock and you end up finishing before you even start. What a way to make an impression there loser boy, dribbling on a woman’s leg.

It’s become compulsory for you, hasn’t it? You spend all your nights at home alone, holed up in your bedroom for hours looking at beautiful women online, cock in hand. Tossing off three or four times has become quite a normal night for you, hasn’t it?  If these women knew how easy it is to make you cum they would be laughing at you, the same way I would. If they knew how long it’s been since you actually had sex with a real women as opposed to your hand they would mock you and tease you to no end and never let you live it down. You really should be so thankful that they aren’t actually there to see how hard their laughter makes your penis because then you would completely humiliate yourself in front of them when your little dicklet decided to ejaculate all by itself. You would be the laughing stock of them and all of their friends. Just think of what information like that would do to your reputation if it were to land in the lap of one of them or one of your friends? It would be sheer torment for years to come!

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