You loser. What a pathetic waste of space you are. It truly astonishes me, the way you beg me to find new ways to belittle you and treat you like shit. But the real kicker is your willingness to do ANYTHING to amuse me and my friends, regardless of how humiliating the act may be.

you want attention so badly. You crave the consideration of a Mistress like me, but I know you must realize that to get any attention from me or any Mistress, you must really degrade and abuse yourself. Now only one question remains: what humiliating activities will I put you through?

First things first, get naked. That’s right you ridiculous worm, take it all off….let’s see that useless excuse for a cock you have there. Now stand there in front of me, such a weak specimen you are. Walk over to the sofa, one leg on either side of one of the arms of the sofa. Lean your weight forward a bit, now hump the arm of the sofa…lol…oh yeah, grind that little clitty dick into your new humping post. Fun, uh? I guess that little pindick is hard now…

I’m not sure what made that little dickie harder, humping the sofa or my girlfriends and I laughing hysterically at you while you dry humped the furniture.

It’s time for penetration; I bet you didn’t see that one coming, uh? Get your bottle of lube, squirt some across your fingers and use them to get that little Vienna sausage nice and wet. Make a fist and turn it fingers up and leave an very small opening at the end of your fist. Now, push that dicklette into the little opening you left and into your hand. Slide it as far in as you can, and pull it back out, in again and out, all this with the motion from your hips not your hand. Pump it, hump your fist…that’s right, and fuck your fist. Enjoy, it’s the only pussy that little prick will ever get…lol…we can’t stop laughing!!!

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