Hello there special sluts, Ms Lauren here to humiliate you just like you crave. I’ve decided that recently I’ve not focused quite enough on cock mockery. Tonight I want to remedy that. I want you to gather a few things to aid us in your never ending quest for extreme humiliation… and I won’t be happy until you’re red faced and sobbing under the weight of your sexual inadequacy. The first thing we need to do is ascertain just how inadequate you truly are. Get a ruler. I want you to measure your dink flaccid (that means limp, little guy, lol). Write down in large letters on a notepad, “My worthless worm is only X” soft.” of course you’ll fill in your measurement where the X is. Now I want you to stroke it, tease it to its full, erect length. Again, write down “My worthless worm is only X” hard.”. You’ll also send me an email with the results because I need a good laugh!

Now, take the notepad and ponder on what you wrote. Consider the average erect penis is 5.8” hard, around 3” soft. Now for the fun part. I want you to tape the piece of paper in front of you. If your dink soft was between 0 – 1 half inches, write down 20. If your soft worm is between 1 and a half and two inches, add 15. If your dick is between 2 and a half and 3 and half inches, add 10. Anything over three and a half, add 5. For the erect length, anything between 0 and 3 inches, add 25. Between 3 – 4 inches, add 20. For 4 – 6, add 15. For 6 – 8 add 10. Anything over 8, add 5. Add the two numbers together. These are how many times you’ll have to write between stroke sessions. Write the lines that number of times, then stroke yourself for 5 minutes, careful not to cum. Do this again 3 times, then click the audio link below to learn if you’ve earned a release.

Humiliation sessions with Empress Lauren 800-601-6975