What a funny little “man” you are….if I can even call you a man.

Right now, you’re a mass of quivering nerves aren’t you?  I listen for that catch in your breath.  It’s anticipation and fear and shame and more.  Why?  Because you know that you’re going to do it, whatever it is …. You’re going to do it and I’m going to laugh.  I’m going to watch and laugh and tease you some more.  Why?  Simply because I can!  Now, that’s the funny thing about it isn’t it?  I do all this simply because I can ….. and, because it pleases Me to see you squirm.

Get one of those little yogurt cups.  Peel the top.   Go into the bathroom.  Lift up the lid and seat of the toilet.

Take off your pants and underwear.  Peer into the mirror and take a good look at that pitiful face of yours … now lower your gaze and take a good look at what’s really pitiful here.  That little wanker-toy, your sad little dickette.

Now, kneel directly in front of the toilet…..that’s right, put your bare legs on the floor right in front of the toilet bowl.  Pick up the yogurt cup.  Hold the yogurt cup in the bowl and point it directly at your tingling cockette —- and it IS now tingling isn’t it?

THRUST your hips forward……right into the yogurt …. That’s it ….. FUCK the yogurt cup……and while you’re doing that, click to listen to My audio instructions.

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