Why do you enjoy embarrassing yourself for our amusement? It is very simple slut. You are so pathetic that you are willing to do anything a woman tells you to do. You are really going to put on a show for all of us Mistresses.

Let us begin going shopping for your assignment. I want you to look so pretty.


Find a T-shirt shop that puts designs on for you. I want you to purchase a pretty pink girly t-shirt. It has to be a few sizes too small. I want you to have “I’m such a sissy!” printed on the front of it. Also buy some pink short shorts to match your pretty new t-shirt.

Pink panties, pink bra, pretty little girly socks, and cute girly athletic shoes. (You have to look nice at the gym.)

Find out if your local gym has aerobics classes. As soon as you find one I want you to schedule a work out.

You made your appointment so get ready to go. Put on your girly outfit. All of those good looking women at aerobics class are going to laugh at you. Oh before I forget I want you to tuck your little package between your legs and take it up with duct tape. We don’t want the ladies to see you get a little woody.

You will have so much fun. I want you to situate yourself in the back during the work out. Imagine how turned on you will be starting at all these beautiful women. How embarrassed are you now. I bet your sorry ass creams those brand new shorts. If you do cream yourself then you came without permission. Your punishment is at hand still. Listen and find out your fate slut.

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