I’ve seen you watching from the back of the classroom. Me and my sorority girls are way out of your league. But we
have a special task planned for you, to indoctrinate you into our secret wanker website, ~giggle. It’s a url that only we know, to
entertain us on those nights we stay in to cram for exams.

So today after class I walk up to you and ask you to my dorm room to review classnotes with me. You can’t believe your luck as you follow me like a puppy dog back to my room. We get there and I direct you to the bed, directly across from my computer and webcam. You see the light blinking on the cam but think nothing of it, still overwhelmed that you are here at all.

Want to make me happy? Put on these panties, you pathetic loser, and the matching bra, too. That’s right, strip down
and slip them on. Now this skirt, and heels, and walk in front of my webcam over there. You didn’t really think we were going to do
classwork, did you? Not only are you desperate, you’re not very smart.  I get better grades than you so why would I need your help!

Ohhh poor baby’s tearing up. Don’t cry, little wanker. Look at that, your teeny weeny’s getting hard even as you sob. Boo hoo! Pull down those panties as you sob into the cam. Show your face, that’s right, now I’ll pan it down to your little dicklet. It’s so small I can hardly see it ~giggle. Are you a virgin? No?  Well you will be, after this.

Click below to hear what me and my sorority sisters plan to do with your video.

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