One of my favorite games to play is fetch the panties. It’s even more fun when I invite a girlfriend and she brings her dirty panties. We invite a sissy or panty slave over. After we are comfortable, sitting back and having a cocktail, we each sit our pile of panties in front of us. We then begin tossing the panties across the room. We allow the panty boy a few warm up fetches before playing the game.

The object of the game is that my friend and I each throw a pair of panties. With a stop watch in hand we give the panty fetcher 10 seconds to return the panties to his pile. His pile will be his reward; therefore the object is to get as many of our panties in his pile as he can. Once the panties are tossed and he has won a collection of panties each panty counts as 10 points. This are stroking points which means that if he has 4 panties he gets to stroke 40 times with our panties in his mouth, on his head or anywhere else he wants them. The key is that he must cum within those stroker points or he doesn’t cum at all. Hopefully he gets enough points and can cum before he runs out. The game gets really interesting when both ladies are throwing panties at the same time. The poor panty fetcher has a hard time keeping up!

You can practice your panty fetching by getting a stop watch and timing yourself as you crawl after a pair of tossed panties. Toss them at least 10 feet. Once you have mastered your panty fetching skills give me a call and I’m happy to watch you on cam!

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