Hey there humiliation junkies! I know you boys love doing stupidly hilarious things to amuse me. It makes your freaky little dicks hard to expose yourself to my mockery, scorn, ridicule and laughter. In fact, it’s that tinkling laugh that compels you to humiliate yourself so very much. So this week, I was thinking something along the lines of a classic tar and feather scenario. I want you to get a large bottle of olive oil, a down pillow and a camera. If you don’t have a camera, you can imagine yourself in front of one while you perform.

Strip yourself down, I want you bare and hiding nothing. Turn your camera on to record and slowly tease your dicklet to full attention. If you’d like to include visual aids to see just how you stack up against common household objects, that would be hilarious. I’m thinking ciggy lighters, flash drives, small things like that to emphasize the teeniness of your weenie, lol. When you’ve explored that small humiliation, slather your entire body with olive oil. Massage it in, but leave it thick and greasy, head to toe. Now cut open the down pillow and dump it over your head. It’s best to do this over a tarp so you can roll yourself in the feathers for more coverage.

Now that you’re oiled and feathered, stand in front of your cam. Cluck like a chicken while you masturbate. Don’t cum. Go to the edge at least 3 times before you click the audio below.

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