Hello humiliation sluts, are you ready for an assignment from Mistress Ann? This assignment will not require anything special, except a small container with a lid, and going out for diner! Make sure the container is small enough so you can carry it in your jacket or pants!
I want you to pick out a place to go eat at, it doesn’t matter where as long as they serve salad. Once there I want you to order a drink of your choice, and a salad. When the server asks you what dressing you would like, I want you to tell them that you have your very own special dressing, that you brought with you. After ordering your salad, I want you to get up and go to the bathroom and stroke your pathetic cock until you cum. You will cum in the little container that you brought with you. Put the cap back on your container and go sit down and wait on your salad.
Once your salad arrives, I want you to take out the container and put all your cum on your salad. I want every last drop of cum on your salad. Take your finger and scoop out any that remains in the container and suck it off your finger! Savor the taste, suck it off your finger nice and slow. Mistress then wants you to eat every bit of your salad, absolutely no salad left in your bowl! ~wicked laugh~ Go ahead and add some salt and pepper, seasoning it everything!

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