Humiliating little toys like you is a hobby of mine.  I love to make you feel an inch high.  You know you don’t even deserve to be in my presence, let alone serve me.  You are good for nothing.  You take your pants off in front of a lady and she just screams in laughter.  You can’t make it happen on a one night stand because the site of that little twig makes a woman run!  When you are soft – it looks like an extra belly button!   I would make good use of you though.  I would take you out with me.  You can sit on one end of the bar and pay for all my friends to drink.  We will sit there and laugh at you, the little sucker while we enjoy ourselves.  You would stay far away because I wouldn’t want anybody to think we were there together.  I take you shopping – but only for you to pay of course.  If you come too close or try to talk to me – I would kick you in the balls and scream and berate you in public.  How dare you think that you could be in my presence in front of people?  You are not worthy of me, especially in public!  You would be my pathetic little slave boy.  I would take you to my parties.  I would put a collar on you and make you walk on all fours, like a dog.  You would hold your head down and wouldn’t be allowed to look at any of my friends unless you were told you.  I’ll shove a butt plug up your ass, just to remind you constantly that you are my submissive little pet and you are under my control.  Get used to it weenie boy, you deserve it!

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