Hello boys, I’m a new face here at Humiliation Bootcamp. But don’t be fooled, you’re not getting off easy with the newbie. Your first task from me is to tell the next adult woman you encounter that you are an inferior man at her service. I don’t care who this woman is – your wife, girlfriend, boss, waitress, taxi driver, whomever. The next woman you have an opportunity to speak with, you are to say these words: “Goddess, I am an inferior male at your service, to be used as you see fit.” Then lower your head and wait for her to respond.

If she laughs, assure her you are serious: “Please Goddess, use my inferiority for your own comfort and happiness, I beg you.” If she gives you an order, you follow it, no matter how degrading or humiliating it is. Smile and be grateful as you are doing her bidding. Put all your plans on hold to fulfill your Goddess’s needs, however long it takes. The longer and more degrading her assignment, the better!

When you have finished your assignment, lower your head and say “Thank you, Goddess, for giving me the opportunity to improve myself by serving you. I know I am unworthy.” Then beg her to let you kiss her feet. Yes, even if you are in public or around other people. If Goddess agrees, you are to get on your knees and kiss her feet to show your eternal gratitude.

When you have completed your task, click below to hear me describe your reward.

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