I have a mission for you. It’s something that will please me very much. You do want to please me, don’t you? Wouldn’t you love to hear me laugh at your expense? Your attitude is everything. Not only will you follow this instruct but you will do so with great enthusiasm and as animated as possible. The more pathetic you are, the more excited I become.

Purchase a small cat collar with a bell. Fasten this around your cock and balls. Make sure when you shake your hips and can clearly hear the bell ring. Now put on a loose pair of pants. These can be sweat pants or loose shorts. Now shake again and you should clearly hear the jingle.. You must now go to the public library. Now walk by the main desk several times and around the whole room at least twice. Act as if you’re looking for something. At least 2 people need to hear your jingle. You will see a puzzled look on their face. Now go to the main desk and ask for the book, “Jingling Balls for Santa Claus”.

Once you have located this book check it out and read it while standing and shaking your hips. If you do not locate the book you must be punished. You will call me immediately with your bell still dangling and beg to be punished for not finding the book.  You will also report the status of your mission. Do not forget to listen to the recording below.

Humiliation sessions with Empress Josephine 800-601-6975