Is Your Ass Ready To Be Used?

Your heart races in your chest as you sit there, thinking about it … doesn’t it, darling?  I’d be willing to bet you’ve cruised all the sites your little brain can think of … just to get that fix.  The image burned into your mind … practically searing the backs of your retinas every time you close your eyes …

Well, what are we going to do about that hunger you have for thick, juicy cock?  I’m sure, if left up to you, you’d run down to the local bookstore and find some monster at the arcade, wouldn’t you?  Not a thought in the world for HOW it fits, just so long as you get that hole of yours done up right?

Well, little one, this is where I come in.  I am, after all, the Strap on Empress.  It’s my personal responsibility to make sure you don’t go off … half-cocked.  We need to have a care for making sure that tight little hole of yours – is good for use more than just the once, now don’t we?

Now … I know the urge is almost impossible to ignore but I want you to take a deep breath … we’re going to take this one step at a time.

Grab your biggest dildo and lube, but don’t worry little faggy … you’ll be down at that bookstore taking it like a trooper in no time.  Just have a little patience … and take a listen to the banner to get your instructions on how we begin.

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