Hello darling.  I’ve been thinking lately and, one of the things that really came to mind was you.  We’ve been working together for a while now and I know you’ve made some great progress with your cocksucking techniques but, really, I think it’s time we step up your game a bit.  I mean, you want to be the very best you can.

For this assignment, you’re going to have to find a local ice cream shop that sells hand packed ice cream cones, preferably sugar cones.  Have you ever noticed how similar an ice cream cone is to a cock?  That big, rounded tip with it’s sticky, drippy head leading down to a shaft that is slender but quite long.

I’m sure you’ve paid close attention to it at least a few times in your life … after all, you’re a cocksucking faggot and you’d be bound to notice such things.  Today, we’re going to emphasize that notice … we’re going to use the phallic nature of that ice cream cone in order to learn advanced cock technique.  Honestly, anyone can suck a dick but it’s technique and form that sets a true cock hound apart from the rest of the crowd.  There’s more to it than just bobbing your head up and down now, isn’t there?

OK, go into the store and get yourself a 2 scoop cone and come back out to the car.  Make sure you have plenty of napkins … now, stick your tongue out and press it against the base of that ice cream scoop … You’re in for one hell of a treat …

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