I have been taking it a bit easy on you sluts so I am going to step up your training.  You will need to go shopping for the necessary items for this torturous assignment.  I want you to make a trip to your local consignment shop.  You can go to a Goodwill or Salvation Army.  It doesn’t really matter but you will be purchasing used items.

Items to purchase at consignment shop:
1.  1 pair of used high heels.  (Does not need to fit your feet.  You will not be wearing them on your feet.)
2.  7 pairs of used ladies panties.
3.  1 sexy feminine night gown.

As soon s you get home rip off the tags on everything.  Put on a pair of your used panties.  Guess what though slut!  You have no clue what the woman was like that wore these panties before you.

The next part of your assignment will be humping your new high heels.  Kneel down in front of a mirror.  Pull your panties down and start to hump that sexy shoe.  Slowly hump it for 30 minutes.  Look at yourself bitch.  You will do anything I tell you to. You are not allowed to cum while you hump the shoe.

Focus your thoughts on wearing used panties, humping sexy high heels, and the sexy night gown you must wear later tonight.  You are a dirty little whore.

When you are finished humping the heels for 30 minutes you must pull your panties back up.  Put your night gown on.

Were you a good little slut?  Guess what.  You will do this assignment 7 days in a row.  After you wake up the next morning I order you to wash your night gown by hand and hang it up to dry.  It will be nice and clean for you to wear to bed later on that day.  You bought 7 pairs of used panties for this special occasion.  Enjoy!  Now listen the audio to hear what else I have in store for you slut.

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