If you were born with a TINY penis (under 5 inches- 5-6 is small, not TINY) your chances of pleasing a woman with your cock is nil. If you are lucky enough to be married then I assure you that the woman you’re with has taken pity on you or has no interest in sex. Then again she might think that you’re a good provider and have a well hung lover on the sly.  She could care less if you cum or not. If you’re single then you haven’t been lucky enough to find a woman that doesn’t care or offers you a pity fuck.

If you have a “Lil One” then you have to work extra hard in pleasing a woman in “other ways”. Over the next few weeks I will show you how to get by with a shrimp dick and at least make a beautiful woman laugh.  Laughter and humiliation is essential in my world. Hopefully you’ll use these tips to impress me over the phone. If you have a cam so I can ‘see” you, even better, however if it involves public humiliation then I absolutely want to be on the phone while you’re doing it.

1: Lunch Time!  Arrange a bed of lettuce and cucumbers.  Now take a big ripe juicy tomato, cut a hole and fuck the ripe tomato. Your little nub should fit just fine. You have two choices… 1) cum in the tomato and then dice it ALL up for your salad OR 2) stroke your little dick until you cum (low fat dressing) all over your salad.  Bon Appétit!

2: Dust Buster – This is a so much fun and yet very productive!  Stick a feather duster in your ass and then start dusting. This includes tables and mantles. How you get up there to dust is half the fun! You cannot use your hands.

3: Condoms (Public) – You must go to the store and ask the person behind the counter for help with condoms.  Explain to her that you need a small size and that the average size you’ve been wearing leaves way too much on the end and it keeps slipping off.  Ask the clerk if there is any way to special order a smaller then average size.

4: Pathetic  Little Worm Boy (Public) take a plain white t-shirt and black marker or go to Cafepress.com and have one made. On your white shirt you will write, “Pathetic  Little Worm Boy”.  Now put this on and go anywhere in public where there are a lot of people. You must walk amongst the crowd for at least 30 min.

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