This week’s assignment is a very simple one. I do not want you to do it right away. This is one you are to save for the right moment… I’ll explain.

You know your cock isn’t worth shit. We’ve discussed this before, and plenty of women have told you in your lifetime. Reality sucks for you, but such are the cards you’ve been dealt… however worthless they may be.

Even so… I know many of you tiny dicked losers forget yourselves from time to time. You think that maybe you’re “average” and that’s something to be proud of.

Get a grip… there is nothing special about “average”.

“Average” is just another word for “same old boring thing that isn’t worth talking about let alone doing again.”

“Average” is like a bologna sandwich… sure it’s food but no one is going to get excited over seeing that in their lunch box. Just like no girl is going to get excited over opening your zipper to see that tiny bit of meat you’ve got hidden away in your pants. Yes, your cock is the bologna sandwich of the penis world.

So today’s exercise is something to be saved for when you need a good reality check. When you forget just how laughably small and ridiculous your cock is.

The next time you start feeling good about your pee-wee… you are to go to your local pharmacy to buy condoms.

First you go right up to the counter and ask a female worker where the condoms are. If the person behind the counter is a man, look around for a female employee to ask (if it‘s all male, ask a guy).

Then go to where she sends you and spend some time standing there looking through what they have available.

Keep your eye on the girl you asked for directions. If you see her start talking to another employee you are to immediately walk back to her and ask the following (if 5 minutes pass without her talking to anyone else, just head back to her then) –

“Do you have any smaller condoms for sale… all of those are too big for me.”

Keep a straight face when you do it… ask the question seriously.

Follow it with – “I might get lucky tonight… so I figure I better put on one that will fit me before I go out… I don‘t want it falling off and sliding down my leg in the restaurant like last time… that always happens with big condoms like the ones you‘ve got here.”

No matter what condoms they have, none are small enough for you… say that and don’t buy any… just leave and head home.

When you get home you are to immediately masturbate to what happened… jerk off as fast as you can and then when you are ready to cum, click the link below to ask me if you can –

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