Hi jerkoffs, time to get a little elbow exercise going here.  Hmmm so how long has it been since you jerked your silly, littlle stupid stick off?  Hmmmm bet it was earlier today because I am sure a jerkoff liike yourself doesn’t have much more to do and you know no one else is going to do it for you.  I mean, alone every night, dreaming about sex with beautiful ladies but knowing with that tiny, useless pricklet you have there you will be beating it off aline.;  Thank God for fantasy, it does make you believe you can get a girl, even if you don’t stand a chance.

Now take a nice warm shower, relax, make yourself feel relaxed. Get ready for your date, put on some cologne, shave, trim and make yourself presentable.  I know, I know, you have never been on a date before so that is why I am helping you.  Just do as I way and all will be just fine.  Now get on your sexiest undies, hmmmm better yet, if there are panties around, put them on, I mean, you probaly do have panties there as they are the only womens panties you have a chance to get into, right?

So stud muffin, why don’t you just keep fantasing.  Just imagine you are a total hottie, that all the girls just can’t keep their hands off you and there is a line up of beautiful women that just are waiting to be with you.  LOL I know, that is even a bit much for a loser like you to conjur up, but try! ~Giggle~  Now get the lube out, a nice warm lube is best, I mean, even if you have never been with a woman you have to had read that they are wet and warm when excited.  Come on now, remember, this is a fantasy, I know you have never made a wamn hot and wet, but play along, will you? ~giggle~

Now, go to the computer and look up some of your favorite porn, yes, perv, I know you look at porn, how else would you get your nut?  I want you to get your tiny, little stupid stick out of your panties and just let it relax while you pick out your first date of the evening.  Now that you found her jerk off, start watching and imagine you are there with her, stroking her leg, thigh, breast and getting her all sexed up (OMG, I sure home you have a good, vivid imagination as it will take one)  Now just stroke with your fingers up and down our stupid stick and bring it to the edge over and over, lubing it when needed, and just think about fucking her but not letting your tiny weenie release.

I want you to watch to continue with the fantasy, imagining you are there, she is letting you touch her, lick her, fuck her while you are stroking and edging over and over again.  Make sure that you do this at least an hour.  I know, you have NEVER went an hour but hey, this is my fantasy so do what the fuck I tell you, got it?  That’s right jerkoff, tonight I am going to make you feel like then man you never were ~giggle~ Stroke, when you get close, stop but keep watching the porn, go ahead and stroke but no cumming.  Now when you have the four pornos done or the hour, which ever cums first (as long as it isn’t you) then stop.  Want to hear more, click the buttom below, I mean, I may take pity on your sorry ass and allow you to cum!

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