*sigh* Do you ever stop stroking that tiny little cock of yours? You know how pathetic you look yanking at it. I mean if you had a real cock, a big hard cock it would be one thing. But no, you don’t have that, you have a shriveled up half limp dick. It makes me sick.

I guess I can’t really blame you for yanking on that dumb stick of yours though. I know for sure you are never going to get a woman to touch it. Sure as hell not a princess like Me. I would never even look twice at you loser. The only thing you are good for…is a good laugh. ::giggles::

Since you are going to keep fucking your fist, we might as well make it interesting. I want you to go into the kitchen and find some Tabasco sauce and some lemon juice and some salt. If you don’t have all those things, then I guess a trip to the store is in order, because you are not going to keep stroking until we make up a special lube for a tiny little pindicked loser like you.

I want you to take your creamy lube squirt half the bottle in a plastic container dish, then I want you to put two tablespoons of Tabasco sauce in it, one tablespoon of lemon juice and then 3 table spoons of salt in with it. Then I want you to mix it all up.

Yes, that’s right fucktard, this is your new lube for stroking. Take a handful of it, make your whole cock covered in this, and start pumping your fist up and down. Does it burn that tiny little dicklette? I am sure it does. ::wicked giggles:: You don’t deserve to feel real pleasure. You can just suffer though the burning to stroke that tiny little nub you call a dick! This might remind you for the rest of the day what a little fuckwad you are.

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