Oh, look who’s here again. I used to wonder what was worst about you, the fat gut or the small penis but now I realize it’s neither. The worst thing about you is that god awful foul ass stinky shit breath of yours. As if looking at you wasn’t sickening enough, that vile miasma that surrounds you is enough to make anyone ill.

I’ve had enough of it, and today we are going to handle the problem for good.

No more will your noxious emanations be tolerated, civilized human beings should not be subjected to odors best flushed down a toilet bowl.

From this day on, you will brush your teeth at least once a day in the following way.

First, you will put your clothes on… yeah, no one wants to see you naked, especially those of us who don’t want to turn to stone.

Next, you’ll got get a plate… a normal size one, nothing fancy. Since you’ll be doing this every day it would be a good idea to have a plate set aside for this purpose alone.

Then, you will go into the bathroom and lock the door. Put the plate on the floor and kneel down before it. Unzip your pants and take your cock out – notice how clothes stay on, see the above “turn to stone” comment if you forget why.

Now you will jerk off and cum on the plate. You are not to think about yourself having sex – no one can cum from that. Think about anything else that gets you off.

I do not want you to cum right away. A little spud like that thing between your legs won’t shoot much if you don’t let it build up. Work yourself up to the very edge a total of 6 times, stopping for a full minute each time you get close to orgasm. When you stop after the 6th edge, I want you to wait the minute, then jerk as hard and fast as you can. Cum on the plate like I said. Don’t waste any of it, you’re going to need every drop.

Finally. Now get up and get your toothbrush. You are to dip it in the cum, coating it well, and then brush your teeth with it. Use every bit of cum, and brush your teeth for a total of 5 minutes. Swallow it all down.

That is your new daily bad breath ritual. Better you smell like a cock sucking whore, than like a sulfur pit sprinkled with shit.

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