Tell me, how does it feel to have the smallest dick of all your friends?  I know you make jokes about it, you compare it to others in chat, you try to act as if it you are happy that your dick is smaller than anyone else, you even lie at times because if you are going to be small, then be the smallest you can be.  You look at yourself in the mirror and you know you are a waste, that no woman wants you for what is below your belt, that that pathetic little dick of yours is useless and the only fun anyone other than yourself will have with your pathetic member is to tease you, make fun and laugh at it.

So guess what?  It is time to amuse me.  You see nipple dick, I am a size queen and I do know size matters and unlike that girl that is wanting you for your money or your mommy I will tell you that your little member is useless to me in the bedroom and it is time to make me laugh as you sure can’t make me cum and you will be very lucky if I allow you to cum so you better make me happy, make me laugh and pray that I say you can cum.

First off, get naked, that its, everything off, show me your tiny little dicklet, ewww, now that is pathetic!  Look in the mirror, see how small and useless it is? Get a pair of panties, some lube and lets see if we can perform magic!  What I want you to do is to work that lube over your pricklet and get it hard, well as hard as it can get, being that tiny it may be hard to tell but you should get a tingle feeling in your nipple dick.  I want you to get it lube, put on your panties then I want you to go around and grind up against different things in the room, each item for 2 minutes, so grind the desk, the floor, the arm of the sofa, the door knob, the file cabnet, the washer, dryer I don’t care what you use, just no hands at all!  Hump and grind up against 5 different items for two minutes each, adding lube in your panties after each little session, once you are done, take out your little pricklet out of your pants, hold it, click below to see if you have amused me enough, will I let you cum? We shall see!

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