Are you ready to suffer for me sluts?  I am in the mood for some public humiliation.  The first part of your assignment will be a shopping assignment.  You will not masturbate the day you do this.  There will be no touching yourself until allowed to do so.

Your shopping trip will be to Victoria Secrets to buy 3 pairs of pink lacy panties.  The more feminine the better.  How ever you are not allowed to just to just purchase them discreetly.  I want you to find the best looking young sales lady in the lingerie store as soon as you walk in.  I order you to say this to her.

“Excuse me mam but this is quite embarrassing.  I must say this to you though.  My girl friend sent me down here.  She caught me wearing her panties.  She ordered me to tell you.  She told me to ask a sales lady to please make me buy 3 pairs of pretty pink lacy panties.  She also asks that you tell all of the other sales ladies that I am a panty boy.  She wants me to be laughed at please.  Thank you mam.”

She will giggle at you I bet.  You will say this to her word for word.  I want the sales lady to know your girl friend caught you wearing her panties and are now being punished.

Before you leave the mall I want you to put on one of the pairs of panties you just purchased.  Now you are allowed to go home.  As soon as you go home I want you to write up a post in the Cock Control Forums about your experience.  If you cum in your pink panties you will tell us.  You will write about this in the assignment section.

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