You know what would make an ugly looking shit like you look a little better? A dick in your mouth. That’s right, a nice thick cock shoved half way down your throat. That way, at least that dumb mouth of yours would be too occupied to babble.

I’ll prove my point.

Today, you’re going to go down to your local sex shop. There, you will look through their selection of rubber cocks. I don’t mean dildos, I mean those imitation flesh things that are supposed to look like a penis. If there’s a salesperson there, or any sort of attendant, you’ll ask their opinion on which one would best fit into your mouth… and if they recommend anything less than 8 inches, demand larger. Select the one best suited to your ugly faggot self, and buy it.

When you’ve got your rubber cock, get back in your car and open the package. Mmhhmm that’s looks yummy, doesn’t it. Now, you can’t just shove a cock like that into your mouth, you’ve got to romance it first. Put the head against your lips and start licking it all around the top, down to the first couple inches. Moan while you do it.

Yeah, I know you’re still in the parking lot of the shop, but you know you just can’t wait for a taste of that thick dick… your faggot ass can’t help itself… so gobble it up right here.

Now, take it in your mouth… just the first few inches to start. Close your lips on it and let your tongue play with the shaft. It’s okay gay boy, you can moan more now, I know you love this. Let it slide in an inch deeper, then pull it slowly out until just the head remains in your mouth. Lick the tip with your tongue and dream of that delicious pre-cum you wish was leaking out … then push it back in again, at least half of it.

Slowly work it in and out as if it were a real dick. Work it like the little cum whore you are… back and forth… sucking and licking… so desperate for that mouthful of cum you know you want so bad.

Do this for a full 5 minutes, then shove the cock back into your mouth at least half way… hold it there with you lips, not your teeth… and start your car.

You’re to drive around like that for at least an hour… cock in mouth. Do not avoid traffic or busy areas – you’re to drive where people will see you. The dick stays where it is. I know your mouth is already watering at the thought of a thick, meaty cock being in it, so I expect you’ll be drooling while your driving. Don’t wipe it up, and don’t pull that penis out to swallow. Just let the drool go where it will, even if it’s all over you. You know your mouth pussy gets so wet at the thought of cock, so don’t hide it… some guys love that and you might find one while you’re driving.

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