So bitch boy, you find yourself drawn back to our site again and
again. What does it take to make you realize you are just a waste of
human flesh, a pathetic little wanker that sits behind your computer
day after day, looking at porn, jerking you fucking stupid stick and
wishing one of us, Mistresses would want to spend time with you, to
fuck you, to become part of you life but in reality you know not one
of us would ever have anything to do with you unless you were amusing
us.  Not one of us would ever have a sexual experience with you unless
it was an assignment we give you so that we can laugh at you.  I mean,
at least you can be amusing if nothing else!

So loser, you can start to amuse me.  First I want you to get naked,
take all your cloths off.  Now look at yourself in the mirror, see
what I would see if I were to look at you?  Would I see someone with a
nice body and handsome?  Ha, I bet not because My pathetic wanker, I
would see the real you.  Your little stubby stupid stick trying to
stand up, showing you the little sissy dicklet it really is.

I want you to go into your bedroom, get a condom, fill it some sort of
lube or lotion then place your silly stick into it. Take a couple
fingers and work up and down you little dicklet until it gets hard.
Now stop.  Do you like to use a dildo? Are you into anal play? Do yo
like to use your fingers or can you take something larger?  This part
is up to you but you will slide something into your sissy fuckhole and
work it in and out for five minutes and you are not allowed to cum.
Now fucktard, move over to the bed on your knees, slide your pathetic
stupid stick between the mattress and box springs and fuck the
mattress, do this until you are ready to explode, then stop.  Now wait
for five minutes, take and put a pillow on the floor, hump it and tell
it want a fucking loser you are to be humping anything that doesn’t
move as no woman would fuck you.  Scream and tell all you are a
pathetic loser, a pindick wanker that no one would fuck unless paid
and paid dearly. Bring yourself to the edge and then click below to
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